MO-DI™ No.6 – Concentrate EP2 Grease

Product Description

A high performance grease for metal/metal combinations involving slow to medium/fast movements and heavy loadings particularly where extreme temperature and pressure prevail.

This consists of a high concentration of molybdenum disulphide in a grease, having all the heat resisting characteristics of the No. 5, but recommended for use where high concentrations of MoS2 are necessary, such as wire drawing, extrusion problems, press fitting of pins, sleeves bushes, etc.

The special grease substrate which carries the Molybdenum Disulphide particles in MO-DI No.5 and MO-DI No.6 is what is called an “organophillic“ grease, this is a coined word, used to describe the various constituents which are embodied in this particular lubricant. In simple terms, however, it means roughly that no soap or filler is used. This grease is virtually 100% lubricant and represents a major advance in the realms of grease technology. The advantages are as follows:-

HEAT RESISTANT – will not melt or run from hot bearings.

CONSISTENT – its character and composition remain constant under almost any conditions of temperature, moisture, pressure and speed.

ADHESIVE – Adheres to frictional surfaces.

SOAP-LESS – No soap content to harden from use.

WATER FREE – Does not contain water to limit melting point or accelerate decomposition. Does not dissolve of emulsify in water.

Product Overview

Concentrate EP2 Grease: For use where conditions of extreme heat and pressure prevail.

Sizes: 500g | 5kg | 15kg


Clean contact surfaces. Apply grease using a brush, spatula, grease gun or automatic ‘lubricating system. Grease can be used in centralized lubrication systems.

Do not mix with other greases.

Features & Benefits

• Contains no lead or nickel
• Suitable for long-term lubrication due to low oil evaporation and low tendency towards oxidation
• Emergency running properties and reduction of wear by virtue of incorporated solid lubricants
• No drop point: consequently no melting or run-out from lubrication point
• Good water wash-out resistance
• At least 20 times more effective than conventional greases


• Suitable for lubrication points with extremely heavy loadings and low to medium speeds, particularly those exposed to extreme temperatures.
• Ideal for use on rail switches and rail curves. The perfect friction management solution for railways.
• Used successfully on printing presses where wear is reduced and quieter action results.
• Bushes and bearings in wire rope cutters
• Mechanical presses
• Can be used in any extreme conditions and is the ultimate in preventative maintenance that will save you hundreds of thousands of Rands.