MO-DI™ No.5 – Multi-Purpose EP2 Grease

Product Description

A high performance grease for metal/metal combinations involving slow to medium-fast movements and light to heavy loadings particularly at high temperatures.

This consists of a suitable concentration of molybdenum disulphide in a grease having no melting point.

Suitable for use at high temperatures, where it is desirable to keep the lubricant “on the job” rather than have some loss due to melting. The exceptional characteristic in this case is the high thermal resistance. The film forms a heat-stable, long lasting, moisture resistant oily film.

This grade is recommended for general as well as industrial use.

Product Overview

Multi-Purpose EP2 Grease:  The ideal wheel bearing grease. Heat and water resistant and can be used anywhere. Solves “hot bearing” problems and can be used in all types of bearings, water pumps, shackles etc. Proven to be at least 20 times more effective than conventional greases.

Sizes: 500g | 5kg | 15kg | *50kg | *180kg

Application: Clean contact surfaces. Apply grease using a brush, spatula, grease gun or automatic lubricating system, Grease can be used in centralized lubrication systems.

Do not mix with other greases.

Features & Benefits

• Contains no lead or nickel
• Suitable for long-term lubrication due to low oil evaporation and low tendency towards oxidation. Prevents corrosion.
• Emergency running properties and reduction of wear by virtue of incorporated solid lubricants
• No drop point: consequently no melting or run-out from lubrication point
• Good water wash-out resistance
• At least 20 times more effective than conventional greases


• Suitable for lubrication points with light to heavy loadings and low to medium speeds, particularly those exposed to continuously high temperatures.

• Used successfully on plain and roller bearings of conveyor installations in drying kilns, vulcanising plants, heating installations, fans and electric motors.

• Can be used in: vehicle wheel bearings (front & rear); driveshaft slip joints; suspension joint and steering joint lubrication; drive shaft “U” joints.

                  Should not melt in front wheel hubs under extreme braking. It will solve “hot bearing” problems.

• Can be used on all types of bearings, water pumps, shackles etc. No.5 is the ideal wheel bearing grease.