MO-DI No.2 (T) – Gear & Chain Moly Spray

Product Description

A solid lubricating dispersion spray for metal/metal combinations involving medium to high loads and speed.

Product Overview

Gear & Chain Moly Spray:  Based on the winning formula of MO-DI No.2 – Diff & Gear Lubricant, MO-DI No.2 (T) is the perfect solution for a multi-purpose wet-spray moly lubricant.

Suitable for gears, chains, sprockets, linkages, cables and applications where added wear protection for metallic components is needed.

Sizes: 150ml | 400ml

Application: Shake well. Spray evenly to coat desired surface.

Features & Benefits

• Low friction coefficient
• Reduction of noise
• Increases load carrying capacity
• High pressure-absorption capacity. to Decreases service intervals
• Prevents and reduces pitting in gears


Successfully used on open gears and chains of motor vehicles, trucks and general and industrial use.

Suitable for oil lubricated friction surfaces, which require additional lubrication to reduce wear and extend service life.