MO-DI™ No.2 – Diff & Gear Lubricant

Product Description

A solid lubricating dispersion for metal/metal combinations involving medium to high loads and speed.

MO-DI No.2 has a high concentration of molybdenum disulphide dispersed in gear oil. This grade of MO-DI is produced as an additive for gear boxes and differentials in the automotive industry. Its main purpose is to reduce friction and loss of power, reduce operating temperatures and to prevent metal to metal contact should the heat rise above that which the normal lubricant will withstand.

It will withstand extreme pressure and heat, giving smoother running, longer life and better performance. Friction is probably the greatest cause of overheating and subsequent breakdown of the lubricating medium. Especially when the parts are subject to high torque at the point of contact of the transmission gears. Due to the reduction of friction, vibration is minimized, thus reducing wear and allowing the oil seals to seal effectively, thereby reducing oil consumption.

Product Overview

Extreme Pressure Gear Lubricant:  For industrial and automotive use. For added wear protection, reduces friction and operating temperatures, subsequently reducing loss-of-power. Extends the life of all types of manual gear boxes.

Sizes: 44g | 250ml | 5L


Industrial use and Heavy Duty Vehicles:
Up to 500ml No.2 per 4 liters gear oil.
Cars and Light vans:
1 to 2 tubes No. 2 each, diff and gear box.

Can be used with all types of gear oil.  Drain all units and refill every 12 months.

Features & Benefits

• Low friction coefficient
• Reduction of noise
• Increases load carrying capacity
• High pressure-absorption capacity. to Decreases service intervals
• Prevents and reduces pitting in gears
• Provides emergency running performance
• Improved plant availability from less plant shuts, reduces operating costs
• Can be used in all lubricating systems


Ideal for manual gearboxes/transmissions, trans-axles and overdrives of motor vehicles, trucks and industrial gearboxes. Two tubes for sticky or notched gear changing. Allows for smoother gear changing. Protects the transmission to a certain extent if oil leaks out.

Ideal for differentials and diff lock assemblies: Two to three tubes for a minor diff whine; for continuous high speed driving on vehicles with a diff lock – helps prevent the diff from overheating. Allows easier engagement and disengagement of the diff lock.

Also suitable for oil lubricated friction surfaces, which require additional lubrication to reduce wear and extend service life.

Not suitable for wet clutches, Limited slip Differentials or Automatic Transmissions