Product Description

This product consists of a high concentration of molybdenum disulphide blended with a bentonite clay base grease and is used where extreme pressures and high temperatures prevail.

Specially designed for maintenance and assembly of CV Joints

Product Overview

Constant Velocity Universal Lubricant: Specifically designed for the maintenance and assembly of universals.  Proved to be superior to any other lubricant for the reduction of  wear in these units.

Sizes: 50g | 90g | 500g | 5kg | 15kg

Application: Apply generously at assembly point.

Features & Benefits

• Contains no lead or nickel

• Suitable for long-term lubrication due to low oil evaporation and low tendency towards oxidation

• Emergency running properties and reduction of wear by virtue of incorporated solid lubricants

• No drop point: consequently no melting or run-out from lubrication point

• Good water wash-out resistance

• At least 20 times more effective than conventional greases


Constant Velocity Universal Joints